Rüdiger Maul

He has been a musician and percussion teacher for many years. After a three-year apprenticeship in Cuban percussion by Andres Mollino, he studied and graduated from Latin Percussion-School Munich and Pentaton Percussion-School Wuppertal by Martin Verdonk (Prinz, Santana …).
Additional Training among others with Louis Conte (L.A. Studio), Giovanni Hidalgo, Sulemanor Amanor Ofori, Famadou Konate, Glenn Velez (frame drums), Jarrod Cagwin, Pedro Estevan, Ramesh Shotham and many more.
Extended experience as a live and studio musician not only in the areas of folk and jazz, but also for film and theatre music. Cooperation among others with Martin Weiß, Udo Jürgens, Artists for Nature …

Author of two collections of rythms:
“Oriental Rhythm Collection”
and “Latin Rhythm Collection”.
Together with the shaman Christian Vogel he produced the shaman learn and work cd “Schamanenpfade” (Paths of the shamans).

Darabouka, frame drums (tar, muzhar, riq…), davul, timba, taiko and other diverse percussion instruments.



1. What makes you happy?
Making music, seeing nature in good order, harmony in the family, having a good idea, following it up and putting it in effect.

2. What makes you unhappy?
Not making music for longer stretches of time, nature out of order, wrecked by mankind, family quarrels, not being able to follow up good ideas.

3. What is your zodiac sign/ ascendant?
Sagittarius/ ascendant Leo.

4. What was the first CD/LP you bought?
Embarrassing … Kiss Alive II.

5. Which was the first concert you visited?

6. What inspired you musically?
Learning to listen to my own heart was my greatest inspiration so far.

7. Who were the heroes of your childhood?
Winnetou, The last of the Mohicans (unfortunately I can’t remember his name), Otto Walkes and Jerry Lewis.

8. What were your earlier bands/projects called?
My last own project was called “the journey of the heroine”, a dance project for an international dance festival in Augsburg.

9. Which was your best Faun-Concert up till now?
Our first concert in Oregon in 2009 was very special for me.

10. Which Faun song is your favorite?

11. Which book moved you?
Greg Bradden “Im Einklang mit der göttlichen Matrix”

12. Which CD influence you?
“Habe die Ehre” of “La Brass Banda”

13. Which movie moved you last?
C(r)ook (Basta – Rotwein oder Totsein), Rivers and Tides – Andres Goldsworthy.

14. Which actor/actress makes you weak in the knees?

15. Which mythological figure would you chose to be?
Centaur (just to answer the question)

16. What is your favorite food?
Everything except Cheese and olives, but most of all I like noodles with Seitan and Kräuterseiblingen.

17. What would you be doing, if you weren’t a musician?
I would take care of my self-supporting garden near a mountain lake.

18. Where do you see yourself at the age of 60?
I’m living by a mountain lake in northern Italy, my children bring me my breakfast out on the porch. Three times a year I go on tour, performing drum rituals for the salvation of earth.

19. Which band or which artist would you like to work with?
Angelo Branduardi

20. What would you like to give to your listeners?
A good feeling.