Midgard managed rank #3 in the German Album Charts. We are very thankful for everybody who helped us on our musical journey into the North and hope to share this journey with many more people in the coming days, weeks and months.
Thank you so very much, yours FAUN
FAUN LUNA – Live & Acoustic in Berlin (release: 27.2.2015)
While rehearsing our LUNA TOUR last November we discovered that some of the LUNA songs sound fantastic as a stripped down acoustic version. We simply wanted to record them and thus organized a small acoustic concert in Berlin last December 2014, where we positioned a lot of microphones.

On the 27th February 2015 we will release this recorded session as “FAUN LUNA – live & acoustic in Berlin”. We decided to do this as a double CD including the Standard edition of LUNA, because LUNA has a lot of meaning and depth for us, including the artwork, the explanation texts and the wholeness of the songs. To only release a few of these songs separated from the rest would not have felt right for us. But we will release this double CD in a noble digipack, only 1,- Euro more expensive than the regular price for a single CD in a plastic jewel case. On the bonus CD are 7 Acoustic songs from the Berlin session, the 2 songs that we re-recorded and rearranged for the Eurovision song contest and one remix of Walpurgisnacht by the genious Christopher Juul (Euzen, Valravn).

We are already looking forward to this acoustic gem and wish you lovely moonlit nights with it, yours FAUN.

CD “MÄRCHEN & MYTHEN” (Fairytales & Myths) (Release Nov. 15th 2019)
After more than three years of work we will release our new CD on the 15th November. “Märchen & Mythen” will be a musical journey into the enchanted realm of old German fairytales.
Via this link you can preorder the CD and listen to the first singles: http://umgt.de/märchenmythen.
These days we are on tour again with our seated FAUN ACOUSTIC SHOW. Thanks a lot for the already many visitors and the great atmosphere. It feels good to play live again after the winter break and to let the music become alive.
Coming Sat. (23rd March) is EARTH HOUR, a worldwide event to mobilize people to take action against climate change. Because we do have a concert this evening in the Bochum – Christuskirche and because we do believe, that it is indeed very important to raise the consciousness about our environment, we will play the first half of our concert only in candlelight.

Earth Hour: www.earthhour.org
Tickets via: www.extratix.de

CD: FAUN MIDGARD (Released 19.8.2016)
On friday the 19th of August 2016 we will release our new CD “MIDGARD”.
“MIDGARD” will be a musical journey into the north. Into the myths and the world of the vikings and the northern celts. We will sing about Alswinn, the sky horse, about nights in enchanted birch forests, about sun celebrations, ravens, foxes and about Odin himself. With the help of great guest musicians like for example Wardruna (Norway), Efren Lopez (Spain), Martin Seeberg (Denmark) and Maya Fridman (Russia) and an elaborate illustrated booklet MIDGARD will be released in two editions:
MIDGARD – Standard Edition with 11 Songs and MIDGARD – Limited Deluxe Edition in Digipack with 15 Songs & 28 pages Booklet.